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Chief Executive Officer

Robert Montes

Robert is a seasoned Healthcare Executive with proven experience in all facets of healthcare delivery model, including development of a fully integrated care delivery platform that includes both primary care, specialty, and ancillary service integration to fit both the managed care environment and the Fee for Service care delivery model.

He has been a C-Level Executive in several healthcare industries as well as has significant experience in Mergers and Acquisitions in Healthcare, Managed Care Delivery (primary care and ancillary services), Medical Management Programs, Care Management and Disease Management Models; Care Transition Program development & implementation.

He has repeatedly produced sustained revenue growth and EBITDA growth in complex and highly competitive markets. Developing from inception through execution, fully integrated clinical models that were implemented in both the staff model and IPA model environment.

He has developed from inception through execution, fully integrated clinical models that were implemented in both the staff model and IPA model environment. He has successfully negotiated over $125MM in mergers and acquisitions and spearheaded the integration of the combined entities created through several of the transactions.

Personal Background

Robert is a proven C-Suite executive with verifiable year-after-year success in achieving revenue, profit, and business growth objectives within start-up, turnaround, and rapid-change environments. Extensive experience with rapidly changing healthcare industry, which requires deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries; highly successful in building relationships with upper-level decision makers, seizing control of critical problem areas, and delivering on client and partner commitments. Customer- focused and performance-driven.

He has led and motivated teams comprised of more than 400 employees and managed P&L for business divisions exceeding $50 million in annual revenue. He has successfully founded, grown, and managed ancillary care companies that have received accolades for quality of care and patient outcomes. Most recently, Robert was part of an ownership team that acquired Med Plan, LLC (“Med Plan”) in December of 2013 for a total investment of $4MM. At time of investment, Med Plan was a network of 2 medical centers solely focused on the Medicare market. Robert spearheaded an explosive growth that ultimately led to the addition of 8 new medical centers (10 total) serving nearly 40,000 patients in the Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare population, a licensed insurance agency that focused on Obamacare enrollments.

The agency was also recognized as one of the top 5 agencies in the country for enrollments into Obamacare plans. In February of 2016 (a total of 27 months), this business was acquired by an investment group for $60MM.

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